Friday, September 12, 2014

dear blog

hey little ol' blog of mine,
it's been a while. i want you to know that i think of you often & long for some writing time together. but as you can see, life has other plans for me right now. my oldest is in kindergarten, two dance classes, art lessons & to top it all off she'll be 6 next month. my youngest is in pre-k, ballet/tap class & recently discovered her love for playing guitar. my husband is in his last year of university, which on its own is more than a handful. & then there's me: i'm working full-time & we are all involved in lots of church stuff. i browse through you often & my heart melts when i look back & see how much my daughters have grown since i first shared them here. i plan to keep you in my life & post as many special moments as time allows me to.
but in the meantime hang in there! 
until we meet again.
 i'll leave you with these treasures.

yours truly,

p.s. for my family & friends in far away place --- you can follow us on instagram for more recent updates. love & miss y'all!